Academics Program

Potter’s House Seminary and Bible College offers a Certificate of Ministry and four degree programs:

The Certificate of Ministry 

The Certificate of Ministry program offers educational courses for thoses who may desire to work in church ministry; who wish to take courses for personal development; or who may not qualify for enrollment in a degree program.  The Certificate of Ministry program provides course instruction in the following areas of ministry:  Armor Bearer; Children Ministry; Intercessory Prayer Ministry; Office Management; Office of the Deacon; Usher and Greeters Ministry; Bereavement Ministry; Prison Ministry, and other ministries that may be required for the work of the church. The hours earned in this program can be applied toward a degree programs.

The Associate of Biblical Studies Degree Program 

The Associate of Biblical Studies provides a basic program of general education coupled with biblical orientation. The knowledge of the Scriptures is essential to an appropriate biblical education. This program offers the student a foundation which to build professional training for Christian ministry.

The Bachelors of Theology Degree Program 

The Bachelors of Theology offers the student a comprehensive focus on the bible, cultural studies, and theology. This program is intended to equip students with a deeper knowledge of the scriptures and the will and purpose of God for individuals and work of the ministry. The degree program provides introductory courses to the programs of study in pastoral, counseling, Christian studies, and worship leadership.

Graduate Programs

The Master of Theology and Doctor Theology graduate degree programs are designed for persons desiring advanced study in theology or ministry. Both programs of study expose the student to a higher order of critical thinking with regard to one’s self, God, and the universe. The Graduate programs offer four areas of concentration: (1) Christian Counseling; (2) Pastoral Studies; (3) Christian Studies; and (4) Worship Leadership.